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Your itinerary, your day, your adventure !


Just as it suggests, if you do not find the itinerary that you are looking for,  we are happy to suggest alternative ideas to help you plan your perfect day out on the water.  Please email us and let us know what you are looking at and we will be only too happy to assist in making sure you have the best possible day out.

Please find below details of our most popular trips along with the descriptions of the day. 

Our join in schedule changes weekly so please email us for details.

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Norman Island and Jost Van Dyke

These are by far our two  most popular Island destinations and you can do these on individual days to get the very best of all the Islands or you can reach both Islands in one day and spend some time at each.  Head down Sir Francis Drakes Channel and stop by Cooper Island for a morning coffee and a freshly baked pastry and some snorkelling at Cistern Point.  Then head to Norman Island and snorkel the Indians, possibly the best snorkelling to be found in the BVI, then to the Caves made famous in the book " Treasure Island".  A stop for a drink at the infamous Willy T's.  Then head on for a relaxing afternoon  chilling on White Bay on Jost Van Dyke  with a frosty painkiller in your hand. on the way back, time permitting we can stop for a final snorkel at Diamond Reef. Then heading back at the end of your day out to Virgin Gorda.

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Anegada is the only coral and limestone Island in the volcanic BVI.  The Island is flat and low, its highest point is only about 28 feet above sea level, earning its name,  which is the Spanish term for the flooded land, "tierra anegada".   Anegada is know for miles of white sandy beaches and the 18 mile long Horseshoe Reef, the largest coral reef in the Caribbean, and the fourth largest on earth.  If you wish a really lazy day away from the crowds and love lobster then this is the Island for you!   We dock the boat at Anegada Reef hotel and a short taxi hop later we arrive at the beach.  You have time to snorkel, walk on the gloriously white sandy beaches or swing on a hammock under shady sea grape trees awaiting your freshly prepared lobster.

North Sound  -  Millionaires Playground

A trip around the Millionaires playgrounds or maybe even now the billionaires playground.  The North Sound has the private islands of Necker and Moskito owned by Sir Richard Branson.   Eustatia Island owned by Larry Page of Google fame.   Oil Nut Bay Resort owned by David Johnston of Victor International and finally Yacht Club Cost Smeralda owned by  Prince Shah Karim Al Hussaini,  Aga Khan IV. and finally the Bitter Yacht Club  owned by the Hokin family for more than 40 years and four generations.   We also will snorkel the The Kodiak Queen.  She is one of five surviving ships from the attack on Pearl Harbor during WWII, before she was submerged in March 2017, artists created a kraken sculpture (a sea monster with 80-foot tentacles) out of mesh and rebar and attached it to the ship’s deck, so it makes for a very interesting and different snorkel site which is already attracting may fish, turtles and rays.

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